By Jenny

Weight has always been a struggle for me. I definitely need to get more disciplined and today I\’m starting a new diet – once again! My regret is not being able to follow through. Wish me luck this time around.


  1. stefan valentin vazdoaga says:

    Jenny!the most important thing is he will.If you begin a diet or start a new life stile you got to respect that plan.The most important thing is to go to the gym,eat healthy and you will see that after a period it will transform this life stile into a habit.Dont expect to se results in a short term,but time will fix all the problem if you stick to the plan!Hope you all the best!

  2. Carolina says:

    Jenny, I lived years ago what you are living now so I know it’s not easy, but you know, it’s wonderful when you’ve wom the battle and you can feel the health and the beauty… you become in another person… set you goals by hours, by days, by weeks… months and years come alone.
    I lost 70lbs (35kgs) and today I feel better than 10 years ago.
    Trust in yourself, nobody can helps!

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