short story of my life

By vazdoaga stefan valentin

My story begin in year2000,at 20 years old when I leaved Romania to search a better life in Germany.In that period of time for going in Germany it was visa needed,and because was no way to get visa I travelled illegal across the border.Finaly I get there and it was the beginning of the adventure,after I lived on the streets for a while and start to work for different people who take advantage of me,that problem chase me until today.After almost 3 years I turned home with a bitter taste in my mouth.This experience make me become a selfish person because I saw that nobody care about me so I started to do everything just for me.Anyway after I get home I meet my ex girlfriend,love of my life who get married that time,but after a while we get together and she divorced.I worked 3 years as sale manager and I changed 3 company without no great results.I get married with my love and decided to go to Spain where was my brother.After 1 year without work just 3 months worked for someone ho dosen t care about me and not paying well we decided to move in Italy.Here we lived 5 years just survive in his country,but the most precious moment was when ours daughter was born in 2011.After a while in 2013 seeing that we can not stay in Italy anymore because we have no work we decided to return home and try to integrate once again in the system which is bad because is not working.the great impact was when after we get use to European system we must accept this one.Now I look for work and hope in a better life.After I read the book I waken up in the morning I say to my wife and my daughter that I love them very much and we begin the new day with a smile!Thank you Marc,and I will write you again with a full lengt of my story.I think that my story it will become a book one time!


  1. Job Vacancy For English Teacher says:

    The quality of a leader is reflected in the standards they set for themselves.

  2. Marc says:

    Amazing story, you have tremendous resilience!

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